Lets help John Lee!


As reported last week, John lee is in recovery after gnarly surgery on his face.

He is on the Up and Up, and wants everyone to know how deeply touched he is by the outpouring of support, and how much it helps his recovery.

We are helping him out with a go fund me page to raise money while the is unable to work…
John landed himself in the ER in Cleveland, and soon at a trauma unit for surgery in North Carolina. He is currently with family, recovering from surgeries to repair his eye socket, nasal cavity, broken jaw, and has also knocked out several teeth.

Without medical insurance, the bills will obviously be substantial, however we are asking friends to help out with his travel cost, and expenses incurred while he is unable to work for the next couple of months… It will be a long recovery, but with the help of the BMX community, we can make it easier.

At FBM we will be working on a jam, and other fundraisers. Feel free to participate on any level….
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