Legends of the Fall

Forgash Photo Of Kelly Baker from Ride Magazine

The legendary east coast Autumn sessions in the woods are happening as we speak, and for years working class BMX legends have ran it in the fall weather, and the colored leaves, reaping the rewards of spring and summer shovel time, squeezing as much fun as possible out of the dwindled daylight hours. The Spirit of bicycle moto cross is at full bore this time ofthe year, get STOKED!

The Legend Adam Guilliams Stephen Crandall Garrett Guilliams Att- Kennedy's Fried Chicken

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Legends of the fall!

Tony C. and one badass 360!

Some Pics from a good weekend in Pa.

Tony c and Dunny! Dunny is the strangest badass you'll ever see! Tony Cardona. Tony C. Dialing this is nutter, this is what BMX looks like. the Legend- Jay Lonegran jay Bone on Fuckits. this is Shit pants

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