Kenny Horton- Handrails

Kenny Horton doesn’t have the internet at his home, yet he regularly corresponds with Michelle Obama and Kevin Bacon bacon via Email. He loves BMX riding with his bros. and Partying at night like Viking Zombie at an open bar. He has with one foul swoop, ripped the door off of one FBM tour van, and shattered the window of another, Both times without realizing his own near barbarian strength. We shot a few Photos of Kenny grinding some rails, and decided to ask him a few of his 2 peg favorites…

Can you give us 3 moments in handrail history that got you stoked, while you were growing up watching videos-
A) Dave Young in Nowhere Fast. Two burly rails, one opposite one regular back to back in one run.
B) Van Homan in Criminal Mischief, ice picking that rail towards the end of his section.
C) Mike Corts in Anthem 2 doing that super long, sticky rail

mid january shred session!

3 rail champions in BMX?
A) Joe Rich
B) Van Homan
C) Butcher

Close up, double pegs.

When was the last time you had the cops called on you at a 7-11?
Can you tell us about it?

Haha. This morning. Sitting on the curb, getting my day started with a cup of coffee. This cop pulls up and interrogates me. Apparently, a customer called the cops because of a “sketchy” person loitering. the lady behind the counter comes out and tells them I’m not bothering anybody, but I was told to relocate anyway. Some people are pussies.

Kenny Fast Double Peg on a Props trip in Boston

When was the first time you had the cops called on you at a 7-11?
Can you tell us about it?

uumm…well, I don’t remember much, But it involved a lot of alcohol and a shit ton of pizza. Me and some random dude had a pizza throwing party all over the place. Pizza was thrown on passing cars, parked cars, and peoples faces. It was a long, weird, and awesome night.