kennedy’s Yo!

Kennedy’s Fried Chicken, is a classic ghetto style chicken joint, theres one in Binghamton, and it can be dicey as all getout. There is a dude named Att that works there, and at any moment you can hear some one yellout _”yo, Att, lemme get a Mac and Cheese, and a Pack Of Newports”. Last night one of the guys working there tried selling his car which was parked outside, it was a 95 civic, with lamborghini doors that opened up, instead of out. Anyrate, the place is legendary, and they have them in Random urban northeast neighborhoods. The Trails in Binghamton are named after Kennedy’s, and the run’s are named after menu items, ‘mint ting a lings’ Beef Patty’s’ etc… I shot some pics of Garret Gilliums, Chunk, John Corts, and John Lee last night. John Lee didnt ride trails all summer, his bike got stolen twice, and he thinks he broke his foot, although never diagnosed. Last Night was one of his first nights riding, and in true East Coast Legend Stye, he killed it. John has been digging and riding jumps for years, and has style ingrained into what he does regardless if he misses out on some time at the jumps or not. All the guys riding were killing it, Garrett even ended up knocking his grill loose off his handlebars, trying to thread the needle between two trees. After he was like , ” I guess I’ll drive home now..” St. louis is not close. APE!

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall