Keelan Troy Interview


Last week we dropped the news about Distro IN OZ, and a badass new video, today we asked Keelan A few questions-

Name, Age, location- 
Keelan Troy , 22, Brisbane Australia

The new video was a hit, how long did you film for it, and who helped you with it? 
Thanks mate, super stoked on the responses! due to the fact that I lag hard with stuff like this and Jack Birtles being so busy it took quite a while to finish (probably too long) but we got there in the end.

Any funny stories from the time spent filming?
Ah man, too many to say. Its been nothing but good times filming for but (from what I’m told) the party footage in the intro is quite tame compared to what actually happened that night.  

Why FBM?
FBM just happens to be one of the most real brands out there, doing their own thing from day dot, which I think is super rad. I couldn’t be more Stoked to be a part of a company like that!

What bike are you riding?
I’m currently rocking a dusk blue 21″ Bellwitch which I’m loving!

What gets you stoked?
I’m pretty easily stoked by the usual things- Traveling, hanging with mates, beer and riding.

When can we expect another bad ass edit?
ahaha, I’d love to say real soon but I don’t think it will be for another few months. I’m keen to get back into filming but I’m also not trying to rush anything.

Any shouts?
Gotta say a huge thanks to the man himself Jack Birtles for putting in some solid hours behind the lens and the computer and for just being an all round rad dude! Mitch and Evan at Lux bmx for always supporting me and just keeping it real, can’t thank those guys enough. Toby Forte at Triplesix distro for helping hook this opportunity up and of course Crandall and FBM bikes for getting behind me and supporting me, means a lot! 


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