Johnny Corts Update….

Johnny Corts turndown transfer at East Shore

Johnny Corts is a bad man… on a bike, in the shop, welding bikes together, rocking out karaoke style and one of the original Team Major Air rockshreddfestdudes. We asked him a few questions for the news, here’s what he had to say-
1. top 3 bruce willis movies- Last Man Standing, The Last Boy Scout, Die Hard With A Vengence.

2. top 3 albums played in the machine shop- Van Halen 1, WASP The Last Command, The Dark Knight Soundtrack

3. 3 things people don’t know about mikey- his name is not even mike, he wears a size 9 shoe, and has an associates degree in pyschology

4. 5 cool things you’ve done this week (or so) five cool things dont happen to me in a week, but i had to go to court for a ticket i already took care when i got there they dropped it but when i left i got a parking ticket

5. Could you or your brother take your dad in an arm wrestling match? not even close

6. in a beer drinking contest? will never happen

7. favorite karaoke song? my humps

8. how fast is too fast? 10 times the speed of light

9. can you tell us a good story about the Belmar? Dave got naked out front on his 31? birthday. i know no big suprize but i was late in december

10. Team major air updates? we currently starting making cars and are working on a new movie starring burt reynolds naked. and as promised there will be a nude fight scene between him and mike

Sweet Baby pics.. Nite moves...

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