Johnny Corts at Cranx!

2014-3-24 John Corts Cranx-9

John Corts, Kyle Hibbard and Ryan Scobiak took a trip to Cranx bike park in Syracuse NY and shot some snaps, ripping the jumps and the bowl. Cranx was a haven for northeast shredders this winter, as the weather has been a long cold one, enjoy these pics, and check out the park if you get a chance.
John Corts rules!

2014-3-24 John Corts Cranx-8

2014-3-24 Me Cranx-2

2014-3-14 John Corts Cranx-3

2014-3-24 Me Cranx-1

2014-3-24 John Corts Cranx-3

2014-3-24 John Corts Cranx-6

2014-3-24 John Corts Cranx-10

2014-3-24 Me Cranx-3

2014-3-24 Ryan Sobiech Cranx-1

2014-3-24 Ryan Sobiech Cranx-3

2014-3-14 John Corts Cranx-4