John Lee Update!


John Lee, known by many as the nicest dude in BMX, possibly on the entire east coast, is still recovering from a gnarly crash, as reported a few weeks ago…
We had set up a fundraiser for him in which the BMX community came together like gangbusters to rally for John, which will help him finically, but has been even more valuable as a show of support, letting him know how much people care about him, and his well being.
Since the accident, John has undergone major surgery and weeks of follow up with the specialists, and he reports he is slowly starting to regain feeling in his face, meaning the nerves are reconnecting, and swelling has gone down to where he can start to breath through his nose again.
We are stoked to welcome John Back to FBM in the coming weeks as he continues to recover- until then check out John’s Progress on Instagram- THE SMOOTHIE CRIMINAL!

Oak Park – quick clip from tom on Vimeo.




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