John Lee on the mend


How long have you been on the disabled list, and what was the latest prognosis from the doctor?

I have been out of commission since January 17, and have had two surgery’s and follow up doctors check ups. I am healing well and the doctor has given me the ok to start acting like a regular ass normal human being. But until the swelling goes down some more I won’t be acting normal according myself.

Whats next in the healing process?

The next step is dental work, which I have my first assessment on Friday then I will know what I am really looking at. I also have to get some new glasses, my old ones rest on my facial scar. Which is very sensitive

When can your fans expect a return to awesomeness? Do you have to wait for any approvals from doctors?

I would like to be back on the BMX by summer and on my road bike and commuter sword to get my endurance and strength back as soon as the weather will allow.

Your family, friends, and the BMX community really got behind you in a time of need, and showed a lot of support, would you like to talk about that at all?

I am really taken back by the amount of support I have received and I get overly emotional talking about it. My family was there for me, family do what it do… But my friends and the BMX community have given me so much unexpected support. The healing process is physical and emotional. And through this whole injury there were times that I felt so vulnerable, sensitive, physically and mentally empty. I can’t even begin to describe how the smallest to the largest support helped me get back on my feet. The largest being the incredible amount of money raised by everyone’s generosity through But every phone call, email, txt message, tweet, re-tweet, instragram and Facebook post, like, comment, care pack and well wishes I have received was like a warm hug, high five or embrace letting me know I was cared for and cared about. That things were going to be ok because everyone would make it so. Having that my corner let me focus on healing in physically, mentally and emotionally.

Any shouts?

There are so many to list and I would like to go into detail another time, but the quick list is.
Chris hancock and Kyle Hibbard , they took care of me and held me together, when I was falling to pieces.

The dude who happened to be an emergency emt who found me on the ground immediately went into action, and took care if me until the ambulance arrive.
My entire family… And my sisters for taking care of there little bro. My niece and nephew.
Steve Crandall, Mike Erb, the entire FBM crew, jack Hartje ,Dave & Ashley Harrison, the halahan family, empire BMX, ridebmx, Kurt @bmxunion, Jon Saunders@canyoudigitbmx, Chuck@ DG Bmx& skate in ct, John @ rad skatepark , the entire northeast bmx scene. Rick parker, Ayanna Williams, everyone who donated to, everyone who, phoned, email, txt message, tweet, re-tweet, instragram and Facebook post, like, comment, or share
I love you all.

Check out the fundraiser for John Lee Here and check out John’s Progress on Instagram- THE SMOOTHIE CRIMINAL!


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