John Corts Gets Awesome!

JOhn Corts, Greggity Gregg, and Brian Tarbell all trecked down to Hacketstown New Jersey, to get some winter time bmx in. Sweet Baby Tarbell provided us with some action shots from the session. The first Time I met Al and Scott Smashu was at that park, and later that night they got to witness Kelly Baker recieve a hotfoot, as seen in his section in All Time Low. Adam Grandmaison is doing it for Albert Street on the internets, check The Come Up for BMX related news and videos. Defgrip is also up and running, click on the link to see pics from the QBP road trip, posted By the Boyishly good looking Todd Johnson, with pics by Caltron 3000. Some cool shit. Cal was awesome to hang out with on that trip. In Other news, I spoke with Mike tag yesterday, he is alive,and flying under the radar until the temperature gets above freezing. Derrick Girard is in Maine. it’s cold there too. The Fbm Uk team is unearthing a long lost town near stonehenge, near where Josh Elkington is from.
For news Go to 4down, If you click on that link, it will take you to a Boyley Video. Boyley Passed away a few years ago, We love Boyley, the Vid reminds me of how much fun Richard was. Stay Nice… now playing, Jawbreaker-Ashtray Monument.

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