Joel Barnett is unaffiliated with unawesomness!

Joel Barnett by Sweet Baby...!

Monday tradition, staying alive with awesome pics courtesy of Sweet Baby, this installment features Joel “the bad boy thats good” Barnett. New softgoods are readily available, including flexfits, Big ape buckles, and t-shirts, Mike Cottle of OBMX and his buddy paul showed up at FBM to inspect the goods, sans Joey J. From Fla. He was puking in someones bed and shooting girls with BB guns, and couldn’t get time away from the printshop. Damn Shadow shirts… Ronnie B. Keepin em busy down south. More News soon, and most of it won’t make sense, don’t worry!

Joel Again... More Sweetness from him and Sweet Baby Bryan Tarbell Wasted youth, thats affirmative. New Flexfits in stock, howler at us... Shirts in the house as well, give FBM/Last Call a a jingle. no idea.. Hello from Binghamton New York!

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