Jordan Dwan FuBM

Jordan Dwan, suicide no hander drop in.

Canandian exhange student Jordan Dwan from Lumby British Cloumbia, currently residing in Niagara Falls Ontario, of FU fame, who Reps FBM with 1664, is rocking a new Bellwitch and currently in the lone Star State, also known as Texas, Fufilming with Charlie Crumlish, and Greg Henry, watching Hevil, and smoking ciggys with Kenny Horton.
We are stoked to Have Jordan riding an FBM, thanks to Issac, Bernie, Riley and all the boys up there for supporting FBM north of the border!
Check out a few pics we shot, and J dawgs most recent Fu Edit!

Shout outs to Orbells garage, bmxfu, 1664 and FBM- Dwaaaayneeee

Jordan, Greg Henry and Kenny Horton

Charlie Crumlish salt packet weird beer?

Jordan Dwan!

Jordan Dwan Is Losing Control from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.