Jackson Allen- Welcome to the party!

1 footed sasquatch! pic by Joey Cobbs

FBM is proud to announce the addition of Jackson Allen, of Santa Cruz california to our Flow Bro Network. Jackson and his Sasquatch homies have been doing some cool stuff for a while now, and we are stoked he’s on an FBM. Check out his video, some shred pics, and bike check below!

Name: Jackson Allen
Age: 28
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Who do you ride with?: All the Sasquatch. Mike Hernandez, Jordan Murdock, Andy Maguire and the rest of Santa Cruz. Brandon York and Chris Riesner when ever I get a chance. I don’t mind riding alone, but as I have gotten older riding has definitely become about pedaling with good friends and there are a bunch of friends all over the country and world that I wish I could ride with all the time. I always enjoy riding with people who build and ride trails.

Favorite riders?: Well, I have a million, but off the top of my head; Joe Rich, Brian Yeagle and Ryan Nyquist.

Top 3 Neil Young songs?: Too hard to choose. Cripple Creek Fairy. Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (Stew and Slattery’s fault). Albuquerque.

Best trip?: Damn. The next one? I had a really good time visiting my friend Ryan in Austin this year. Pittsburgh a couple years back. Any road trip where I get to bring my dog, see friends and ride trails.

Tricks?: Twists and tables. They aren’t always tricks but there are so many feelings I get from riding my bike that I can’t live without.

What is Sasquatch Canyon?: A blog. A bunch of dudes that like to have fun. A simple life in a complex world.

Words of advice?: Ride fast, live slow.

He did a can can! Brad Davies pic.

Radical. pic by Brandon Eckles.

Jaun Footer- by Luke Brennan.

Here is a grip of pics from Jackson and his ride, an FBM Custom, decked out with new parts!

Check out more from Jackson in Sasquatch Canyon or some of his edits Here!