Jackson Allen Bike Check

Jackson Allen from The Canyon recently built up a new Steadfast, so we he hit him up to see what it’s all about..

Frame: FBM Steadfast 2 (21 in.)
Fork: Odyssey
Bars: FBM Headbangers
Stem: FBM Crown Royal
Cranks: Profile
Sprocket: TREE Lite Spline Drive 30T
Pedals: They are made of metal
Front Wheel: Odyssey hub and rim
Rear Wheel: Profile hub laced to an old Odyssey rim
Tires: Fly Bikes Ruben Ligera
Seat/Seatpost: FBM Slim Pivotal
Brakes: Cobbled together, but they work better than draggin’ your shoe on the ground

How do you like the new Steadfast?
It’s the perfect bicycle for me. This stallion wants to be galloped but still handles well at a trot in the skateparks and alleyways. Stable, roomy and bombproof while still being the lightest bike I have ever ridden. I feel like a guy on a buffalo when I ride it.

What’s your favorite part on your bike?
Besides the frame, I’d have to say the slim pivotal in brown synthetic leather. I even get compliments from babes with expensive Brooks saddles.

What do you think about the East Coast after this recent trip? I like it a lot. It’s just different.