Its gone all wrong buddy…

Toby Forte, of the infamous FBM UK team, is one sweet dude. Here are a few pics of his new Deployer, and some riding shots. Toby also has a website Called Movement but spelled wrong, so check that out and see more. He says he plans on going to upscale bars this weekend, and pretending he is a cambodian refugee. Here is a pic of him with his cat. One strange dude…. Tom Blyth is scared of Toby, and squirrels, but Loves Tony Hamlin. If you are ever wondering what Lou Bickle of “Albert Street” fame is up to these days, he and Jordan Stewart are on a tour of Ohio Karaoke bars, in a Karoke contest circuit, trying to win a slot on Nexts seasons “American Idol” spinoff, “American Karaoke Idol”. Word from Lou, is that if he doesn’t get on the show, he’s gonna freak out, he already has victories in Ashtabula, Newark, Youngstown, Lima, and Findley Ohio. Good Luck Lou. Toledo is this weekend, and word has it, that town is TUFF.

Originally Posted by steve Crandall

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