Ithaca NY.

Fishty Cent, AKA Jesse Bower, Tailwhip hop, Ithaca NY.

Ithaca New York is a nice town in the summer, Here is a Jesse Bower, enjoying that niceness, with a nice Feeble Grind, hop up, tailwhip hop into the bank. 2 cops came up while he tried it, one was nice, on was not. Fisher has been seen rocking some pegs after a few years without, and is riding like a a man on a mission. Stoked. Tom Blyth and Fisher shared hair care secrets, while shredding this afternoon as well. More news sooon…

I like your hair, Oh, yours looks nice too... Cops hate FBM Kelly baker will be at Knoebels all week, and possibly at Circuit on Sunday.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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