Inside out!

Kenny Horton trusts the good old fashioned flatty!

Anti Gravity is a skatepark in Newport News Virginia. They hate Gravity in that building, they are super Anti of gravity. Last night we shot some pics, and rode some rampeteria structures to the delightful sounds of Electric wizard, amidst the swarm of hang fivers, and high fivers. Kenny Horton rode like he had too much coffee, and had never seen a group of ramps in one place together before, it was awesome. Shouts to Justin and the locals for having us over for a shred session!

Kenny with an unexpected wallride transfer


Tobachi!!!! Kenny Horton!

Evan Venditti- coast to coast wallride transfer

Always stoked!

Dusty dustpan mcdusterson- Icepick!

360 degree turn in the air.

The pro shop at Anti Gravity- courtesy of Justin Weidell

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