In the woods…

Kelly Baker...lofting some serious airtime.

It’s getting to be that time of the year, where some of the efforts with a shovel, and some time in the woods, starts giving way to afternoon sessions, and dirtmound getrads. Ever wonder what it was like when dudes on moto cross bikes started laying over the first table tops? It was probably a pretty good time. Anyrate, Kelly Baker grew up in a world of motocross, and still tears ass around on anything on two wheels… His land, known as Bakers acres, is a magical trail spot on rugged terrain, perfect for translating that moto feel. Good times. The boys in Pa. are no strangers to the dirty dirty, peep Axelgnar for rough dudes, riding finessed dirt sculptures, hanging out with weirdos in the woods, and scoring movie deals with Samuel L. Jackson. Mind bottling.

Snake... KB, same shit different angle. KB, enjoying the acres.. Axelradical Gilly starring in the new movie Kelly Baker Backyard Motocrossin...what year is this?

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