In The House!


You want the Thunder? you got the Thunder! Not since Cornpie cooked frozen pizzas on the t-shirt conveyer dryer, have things been this exciting at the FBM warehouse! 2011 V3 completes are IN THE HOUSE, and looking excellent! Dealers can get ahold of them by contacting Last Call.
The new FBM lineup of Completes and components are available worldwide at preferred bike shops! Now go listen to the Sniper song by Naked Raygun and get STOKED!

E dog lurkin- pics by Big Dave 4130 JOBY, In the house In the shop

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In the House!

This is John Lee, modeling the new Steadfast Hoodies, which are in stock, as well as many more items, Give him a holler at Last Call for info and availability on softgoods, DVDs, completes, hand built frames, or the fact that he rode trails in a T-shirt this weekend!
Dirtjumping legend/pioneer/lunatic Chad Herrington ordered a Custom FBM built “crusader” frame, here are few snaps of that interesting frame in progress.
In other news, more bikes, and blogs to come in the very near future, and the Rev has Tater tots!

Berzerkers getting stickered! Crusade! 4 stoked dudes with beards and a bike for Chad Herrington

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