In plain sight!

Legends! Loaded LEE Sultimier, Ryan Corrigan and Empire!

Dude! I have been stoked on Lee Sultimier since he was getting drawn on with sharpies on his passed out face in Dirt Bros. videos like 20 years ago, and the fact that he was shredding, to an OLD ass DRI song only solidified his APE status in mind. The idea that He is standing in the photo Above with Ryan Corrigan is awesome!
Ryan Corrigan has built some of the coolest shit people have ever ridden BMX bikes on!
The new build at Empire is sure to be awesome given its location, and the fact that Nutter ( the worlds biggest APE) and Clint, are working with RC on dialing the place in, but the simple fact that two legends, one holding a beer and looking like a gangster, has already surfaced on the innerwebs, Imagine what it will be like when people are actually riding there!
Layers of awesomeness, literally….

Stuff Ryan Built...