I’m Five…Right On!


JPR Called me out of the blue yesterday evening, and interviewed me For Collateral BMX about BMX, the Industry, FBM, and other stuff pertaining to our two wheeled lives… I am admittedely bad at phone interviews, I swear too much, and it’s hard to tell in text form when I am joking, which is most of the time, But we at FBM, love BMX, making bikes, our Team is dear to us and we want to see everyone involved in what we do, do well (doodoo joke). I joke around about being broke, but our struggles as an independent brand are real…

In all seriousness Fbm Bikes or the FBM online Store
are fully functioning ass kickers, where you can get what you need, and learn about what we offer, radical stuff like Custom Frames built by FBM for yourself, or for your Shop, or frames for your brand Private Label Manufacturing and CAD drawings, and a bunch more…

I don’t mind the shine time on the internet, but I am fully self aware about how much I can sound like a bonehead… Here are a few Snaps from Lords of Fun, a Moto/ BMX/ Camping trip we just did last week… Thanks for the continued support, and keep tuned in for more absurdity.