I Love My Bicycle

Steve Crandall, 1 footer, red bike, big smile.

I have been pretty fortunate to have always worked with amazing people at FBM, whether it be my close friends that started the company with me, Erbles who dials in its operating System, John Lee who is always putting a smile on the face of FBM, Joby and the crew welding up amazing frames, or the team of Full Blooded Maniacal rippers who keep the dream alive, I have always been lucky to have great people around me, making FBM such a unique and kick ass bike company!

Largely due to the efforts of everyone at FBM, and as somewhat of a marble mouthed spokesperson, This week I was asked to do an ESPN Interview, that Matt Brown shot. I look Funny, and awkward, but it was an honor, and some cool stuff was brought up!

I also got n Interview on Twenty Inch Ireland, a rider based site from across the pond, working hard to build up the Irish BMX scene. Stoked on that Too, Thanks Guys…

Lastly, I put a new Red Bike together, and got a Bike Check up on the QBP Site. Thanks Jay!
I built up a new Steadfast, with Ginch Bro Influenced Headbanger Bars!

Maximum stokeage. Thanks you to all my friends, and to everyone that supports FBM!

Crandall, Lego Land. Stoked.

First Time Carving over stairs. I'll Take it.

Stoked on this seat, thank to James at Native!

I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM (Full Movie) from Joe Stakun on Vimeo.

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