I Heart My Bicycle- Out Now!

Mark Howard Johnson- late 70s

BMX has been awesome for a LONG time, no doubt about that, and we are lucky to have been a part of its history, in our own little way since the early 90’s. Joe Stakun’s Film I Love My Bicycle showcases some of FBM’s Past Leading into our more recent adventures.
Dealers can call us at Last Call or you can order it direct Here. Stoked!

I Love My Bicycle DVD Release Teaser from BAD BREAKS on Vimeo.

I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes Trailer from BAD BREAKS on Vimeo.

DVD-eeeznuts Ryan Corrigan! Gilly- Stauffer lurking! TAg, Paris, 2 peg grind C- diddy! PW M0to Ralph Sinisi!

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