I hate fridays!

Blanketed by the dirty bmx lifestyle!

I fart mondays…. Thank Ginch its Friday! Lots to blog about, kicking up some internet dust via the digital airwaves, and and analog carburetors! Chuck Berry said ” hail hail rock and roll” after he saw Maybeline in a coup Deville, I think she was with Tom Blyth, Glass Joe, Tito and Lenny Norton, AKA Kenny Horton.
Sean Burnz is working on a signature FBM facial expression with rocky raccoon, AKA Broken cheekbone Eric “doc” Hollady, who is recovering nicely from his wreck last week. His cheek bone moves when he chews, like the top of it is just floating under the skin. Big News later this weekend, stay tuned, and enjoy the ride.
Stew johnson Rules, get your Anthem Fan memorabilia soon!

Top 5’s with Creasemeister : Stew Johnson from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

You messed with the wrong Bone deth racoon! Eric hollady Adam Ginch! nice guy! Tom Blyth and Glass Joe

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