Here in my van…

tunnel vision

Wherever the FBM Van, known simply as the Vandal, goes, it is sure to be a weird scene. This weekend, filled with Chicken Holladay, Neil Hise, Kidney Hurtin, King of Pillows, Latane Coghill and more, we all went to the Northside park In Nrfolk VA, for a BBQ session, and a Video Screening at the Belmont Smokehouse afterwards… (thanks Jill!)
It was cold, but a bunch of people showed up, rode bikes, got stoked, and partied hard! Chuck Goldy and the Daily Grind crew even made it down from Connecticut!
Super fun weekend! The crew in Fl. showed the video at a Bar Called G’s, and Jeff Harrington showed up..
The video is out now, so Holler!

These guys even showed up from Connecticut

Still in the packaging...