Heavy Metal Monday

Monday at the FBM Machine shop means one thing, “lets Rock!” the Corts Bros. and Dylan Cole are stoked, and Ken of course is wearing the Billy Ray Cyrus “Some Gave All” shirt. Big Dave is in Mississipi, so as they say, when the Cat is away, the mice will play. With the Machine boss out of town, its total madness back there, Iron Maiden turned up to 11, and lots of headbangin’. Actually they are hard at work, but in a playfully serious manner. Guav sent up some tour Merchandise, in exchange for a prototype frame we will have posted later, withthe latest in flatland technology, so keep posted.Tony Hamlin is also headbanging, he woke up today, ate 3 meatshakes, and jumped through a plate glass window, all while wearing a headband, and a longhair wig, listening to overkill. Random Tony Pics shown. In other news, Dave King is reportedly moving to Philly into a house with Rob Dos Equis, and Brian “I’ll House You…” Tunney. Should be interesting. Leif Valin is Colorado, working, Riding, and enrolled in school. Tony Cardona just returned from a profile trip to the northwest, where he left his telephone, so I can’t call him. Does anyone know where Reggie Styles is? I want to see someone doing some frame stand wheelie in skull pants. Aaron Ross is living it up in Austin, and Cameron Wood is out in Utah, after shooting a wild batch of Photos with Dolecki. No word from Derrick Girard, on wether or not he made it back from the states, we’ll have to see…
more news later. Now Playing- Saxon “denim and leather”

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