HeadBanger Giveaway

We have chosen a winner for the free Headbangers contest from the FBM Facebook page givaway.
After a conference call wit the prestigious Ginch Brothers of Waterloo Illinois, It was decided that Alex Capaplongo’s Flat Spin, and dead animal wig rocked the hardest, and he gets the goods!
Alex gets the Bars, and a pair of grips. We will be doing a another giveaway soon!

These bars are literally made of Metal, so of course they are called Headbangers!
Colors Flat Black, Cherry Red
Weight 27.8 oz
Width 29″
Rise 8-5/8″
Backsweep 11 degrees
Upsweep 1.5 degrees
Multibutted 4130 Chromoly with Roasted heat treating

FBM double fisters

Perma Summer!

Dead Animal wig?

Alex Capalongo!