Happy Leap Day!

Garret G/Corts and an effed up New FBM t.

Its the 29th day of Feb. it only happens every 4 years, and we also got a shipment of more new FBM shirts in…. Stoked! Corts Bros. and Dylan are shown here modeling the new goods. Mikey literally laughed out loud when I showed him the mint colored t-shirt with the 5 eyed goon printed on it. Live Fast Dial, Stay Fat, Lords of Fun, The sword, Priest, and 5 eyed shirts and more are all now in stock, so give us a shout. Maneater shirts still coming… Evan V. of Re Cycles in Richmond Virginia is having ghetto grind box jam at the white walls this weekend, if you are around, check it out.
In case it wasn’t obvious, the Stay Fat shirt is a friendly joke, not FBM making Fun of Fit Bike Co. There is a lot of History Between the two brands, and S&M as well, and even more friendship, so Relax…..Peace to Rob-0 and and all the Homies at Fit Yo!

Stay Fat... Bald Men Lords of Fun! Live fast- Dial! Explain this Tattoo to me.... I dare you! Mike Tag, e-dog, and bro gash Evan Venditti- holding a Jam in Richmond this weekend Need Drugs.....

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