Halloween is coming

Big dave dressed up as Sid Vicious for halloween

So have a shit ton of fun, and get dressed up as King Diamond! Here are a few pics of the guys, including Garret Gilliums in St. Louis, where Budweiser was invented. the Skeletor art posted on the news yesterday is by Matt Furie. Its Nice. Axel rad has pure entertainment. Now Laying- Murder City Devils on Shuffle…Check out Liquor Bikes for some good Texas style halloween awesomeness.

Matt Furie Art. Gilly AKA Axel rose The Corts bros dressed up as dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider Garret G and his Brother! His Brother! garret G. Tony Cardona getting dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter- he can ride anything! John Lee was dressed up as derrick Girard this weekend... Archived Phil Wasson pic.

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