Gypsy Mayhem…

Adam Guiliams lifted off the Orchid site

There are 60 or so filthy gypsies, driving around Pa., Maryland, maybe jersey, and camping, riding spots, and who know’s what else. I’ll do a proper update when we have a moment. Campsites tend not to have wireless, but i will tell you this- WOW!. Thanks to Derek at Orchid for the party, and the Heathens for an epic trails session. More updates soon?


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Gypsy mayhem

Mikey Corts getting ready for the gyspy caravan

The end of the week is the start of the Gypsy trip, some of the names have changed from whats on the flyer, most notably, Perry Caravello has been added to the Shitluck roster, and I forgot to include Mikey Corts’ name for Team Major Air. Rumor has it, that Upstate NY legends, Cruz, and Hancock are also added!
Evan Venditti was also left off the flyer, and has given me some shit. Sorry Buddy, there were a lot of names on that sucker.
We’ll be starting the trip In louisville friday night, where Jimmy Levan will be present. Dead Bang is AWESOME! More news soooooon! – here’s the new news-
Jon Wells has just added the Sun Rims team to the trip-
Here is a list of riders that are coming.
Team Sun Rims
Jeff K
Mark Potocnzy
Miles Rogoish
Team Manger Jon Wells
– Stoked!

wiggie smalls? this guy will be on the shitluck part of the gypsy trip....

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