Ghosts of Johnson City

Johnson city is the Home to FBM HQ at 1 helen Dr, East. Where Tubing turns from bulk material into quality handcrafted bicycles. It’s where all kinds of weird shit happens actually.

At the turn of the century, it was host to East Coast Terminal, a legendary skatepark, that fostered a strong scene and hosted some of the craziest events in BMX’s history, including the fBM Ghetto comps…

Johnson City is on the north side of the Susquehanna River. Named Johnson City in honor of George F. Johnson, who led the company Endicott-Johnson

The Village of Johnson City was established in the Town of Union, New York and is a part of the “Triple Cities” along with Endicott, New York and Binghamton, New York. Johnson City lies to the west of Binghamton at the eastern side of the Town of Union.

It’s been a while since the home of the square deal has seen that kind of action, here are a few photos of the ghosts of wild times past…

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