Ghetto Memories

wallpaper legend ghetto 1920 x 1200.indd

Dig magazine paid homage to a very memorable contest series we hosted years ago… I’ll never forget Big Dave in a flooded parking lot with loose electrical wires trying to sump pump out all the water from a storm, barefoot no less… Click the link for more.

Bring so many people together for such good times, all for some kids bikes, and fun, is one of the proudest parts of our history! Throw a jam!

How many people were showing up?
The first jam probably had 150 people. By the third one there were several hundred people, maybe 1000 or more, it was stunning. A total shit show spectacle.

Best moment?
Van Homan crashing on a grind to tailwhip, and just laying on the ground in painful frustration, and then “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan came on the PA. He popped up, did a little wiggle dance, and pulled the stunt! The crowd went apeshit, it was magical.