Get Sum!

These past few weeks, BMX Internet has given us some wonderful gifts, I’m Not talking about the guy rapping about steezing his whips, the Cheez- It Reality TV bandits, or the embarrassing Judge Judy debate, I’m talking about Henny Riding a sailboat, the video of a day in the life of Clint Reynolds, A giant cup of coffee, and Ryan Worcester’s Auophoto!

Anyrate, while many are hyping themselves up, the crew at FBM are Making bikes, making jumps, making coffee, and doing what we can to help make BMX as fun as possible.

For 2012, we suggest the re introduction of self deprecating humor, going riding late at night in a grocery store parking lot, and picking up a Bikeage T-shirt! Amongst other randumbs and lighthearted nonsense…

Cheeseburger in paradise….

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