Get nuts, its Tuesday….

I have been doing the exact same tabletops over that hip for years, but hey, FATBMX has a mini interview up, and asked for a recent photo, the trails were wet, so its over to old faithful. Jimmy Levan use to have the Barhop as old faithful in Dirt Comps in the nineties if Qualifying looked bleek. Woozy. has some FBM news up. Big Dave and Mike Corts have probably the best photo in Ride US in Months, its an article about gettinga job in the industry, and dave is welding, while Team Major Air’s Mike Corts plays air guitar with a frame. Team Major air guitar kicks ass. Gilly also has an awesome pic, and there are blurbs from Dolecki, Stew Johnson, Tom and Tina, and so forth. Great Job Ride Mag. While that Article was shot, Fisher was flexing down to celebrate a recent sponsorship offer from Newport, and that he got a Nice 20q’s in Ride Uk. All the while Chunk was mean mugging, and Derrick Girard wa sjumping a bench with John Corts sitting around, and Tony Hamlin making a stupid face. Awesome Party!

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall