Get Lost


For this weekend, April 20-21, In Richmond VA. FBM is hosting 2 events.

For Starters, we are throwing a best trick/ high air invitational at the Lost Bowl, Since this is a unique spot at a private residence, The list of riders will be limited, and the address will not be posted on the site or on flyers, BUT, if you wanna come hang out, watch some amazing riding and have a beer, hit up someone who knows someone.
We are still finalizing some details, but we will have cash prizes, a grill going and more! The goal is to have a good time, get people stoked, and try and get some donations for more concrete, to help our friend out who is letting us roast in his backyard…

On Sunday, the Bike Lot BBQ on the south side of Richmond, is open to riders 18 and up who have filled out a waiver ( no nerds), and wanna have a good time, and we will be asking for a small donation from riders for new ramp materials and supplies. We will also have prizes, Hi Fives, and James Brown will be back from the Dead cooking hot dogs on the grill. Do some field research to find out it’s location.

As said, we aren’t advertising the location’s but anyone with a little bit of gumption, who isn’t a bummer to hang out with, is welcome to come chill and enjou some friendly bicycle mayhem