Get friday.

Mickey and Boogie, repping hard for FBM.

After a stint in upstate Ny, and a few travels outward, Mickey Ginch Memmy Howard Leslie Marshal the 3rd is headed back to the south to work in Mississippi for a week or 2 before the Belmar Contest. Mickey is also known as “mental case” by 13 year old “boogie” who has been hanging around FBM, and submersing himself into the bmx culture. He also got to witness the likes of Jim Bagg for a brief moment who rolled by the new location, said 4 or 25 crazy things and then left. Ken Musgrave, recently felt the wrath of the hardened NYC pavement in a match up between his face, and the ground. Over the Bars, 2 teeth knocked out, and to the bar… Get well soon Ken. Random Archived Friday pics, including John Corts, the Maniac, and chain Male. I don’t know why… I also posted a drawing Steve karp did a while back for Friday’s art show. Steve is Connecticut’s Awesomest dude of the day, and has always been kind enough to hook us up with sweet imagery over the years…. Thanks Steve. Put the FU in fun. Now Playing – “friend” by Marginal Man.

This is a custom BB. John Lee is stoked on Bikes.... (circuit order in progress) Remember Jim Bagg and his dog Ken Musgrave, ruthless and toothless where my teeth are at? uhh? whats up with dean hearne? Derrick Girard, is he still kooked? Steve karp art. Ya man.

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