Gary Ginch Bike Check!

Garrett Ginch, New Bike Bling, pics by Matt Boron

Garrett Guilliams, the Son Of Senor Doug Guilliams, and brother of Adam Guilliams, also know as Ginchzilla, recently put together a bitchin new mothertruckin FBM and sent these photos of the new bike, and sweet wallride over to, the internets home for awesomeness! Thansk to Matt Boron for the snaps!

Frame: FBM gypsy 2 (21 in.)
Fork: Nice Brand!
Bars: FBM Headbangers Ginch Bro Specials!
Grips- FBM Double Fisters!
Seat- Nice Hemp!
Stem: Profile
Cranks: Profile
Sprocket: NICE Rising Sun!
Pedals:speed metal
Front Wheel: Sun
Rear Wheel: Sun!
Tires: Tioga
Seatpost: FBM Stump Post