Full Pipe Awesomeness


I read this passage by Eric Hennessey today, after he emailed over a couple of photos of him and our Friend Murph riding a full pipe underground beneath the world-

“Some people spend their entire lives searching for something better than what they have. They find it, and the need to search for it again when that gets stale. Over and over again. An increasing disinterest in the present.
I guess it depends what you’re searching for.

I’m fortunate to have low standards for staying happy. fresh air and the rest is a bonus..”

Henny often spouts out wise words, and reminds me of the value of simplicity, appreciation, good times, and good people.
Look for Henny, and many others in RVA on 4-20, cementing these ideas, and having a good time, poolside at the Lost Bowl!



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