Ft. Wayne Indiana

Mike Tag at the Ravine circa 93ish, Stew Johnson lurkinin the background!

I guess it’s already been almost 18 years since Gilly, Crazy Joe, Mike Tag and I moved to Fort Wayne Indiana to live at the Fat House, an offbeat version of our BMX teenage american dream. The friends we made while we were out there are lifelong, and it’s awesome that Rich Hoppie, Scotty Yoquelet and Ft. Wayne native Stew Johnson have all pitched in to get a trail jam going to help out Tag.

ESPN Posted a video by Stew Johnson, from the last benefit, and will be doing another this weekend!

It should be a kick ass weekend, filled with legends, kooks and all different midwest BMX Lunatics, with an after party at the Brass rail! Kooked!

Scotty Yoquelet, Ravine, Fat House era

Rich Hoppie and Scotty, hosting this weekends jam in Ft. Wayne!

Stew Johnson will be filming for ESPN!

Mike Tag, Fot Wayne!

Mike Tag, Pre Foam pit dirt progression... just huck it!


Tag, Stew Johnson, and Crandall...93-94ish