For people who don’t know what QBP is, its nuts, check the pix of the roller conveyers and the huge stacks of product. Wow. Miek Collins is in the house as is Dave Davenport, and Hans Rey of all people, who is doing a trials demo on a unicycle with shocks. No shit. Tony Cardona showed up with the kid who busted the sprinkler at chenga, and shitty phil. Tony Mortenson poses with the otherTony in the FBM booth. Big Industry events are definitely different than regular bmx events, and dinner is always a plus, as is lunch and free coffee and beer. Diald! James Ayres hates coffee and beer. Look for a miron report in the new BBN… my feet hurt, and they stink, but our bikes are kick ass. Dustin who works at QBP also has a site called MNBMX Check it out.

Originally Posted by Crandall

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