Friends Giving…

MikeTag, fighting the good fight!

Thanks Giving is this week, but this past weekend was the un official friendsgiving,
and we are thankful for all the friends giving their support hard earned money to Mike’s cause at the benefit this weekend!

So many good people, good friends and good times, all gathered for a weekend based loosely on eating sandwiches, weird night life, playing pool, riding bikes, and supporting our good friend Mike!

Mike Aitken donated his bike to raffle, riders and friends donated art, we rode bikes, had fun, and did our best to make a difference….

The Least Most has 2 Photo Galleries from the weekend-

Fighting the good fight, and

Ithaca Ny!.

Jason Morris also assembled a cool Photo animation, posted below!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, it was a special weekend!


Two wonderful and crazy people, Judy Tagliavento, and Bob Scerbo!

Mike's Family..

The Enforcer!


Hot Mess!

Bones, Toast and Gilly!

Killer chainsaw sculpure made during the raffle for the raffle.


Andy Forgash and a shortstop sandwich!

Toby P, and mikey aitkens breadwinner!

Kate Conroy, and some of the money raised to help mike....