Friendly Hi fives.

Stew Johnson and Damien Lopez in Austin Texas.

Some friends you might have known for 20 years, some you might have only known for 20 minutes, but nonetheless, it’s friends that make the good things in life resound. It can be a bike ride down the street, or some bad jokes after a good session, eating a meal together. A meal of food. I had the good fortune of sharing some good times this past weekend doing the things that get me stoked, riding bikes, bullshitting, listening to music, and eating good food. I am thankful for these simple moments, that seem to add up to days, that become a life lived with subtle treasures, that I am sometimes wise enough to pay attention to.
My bike and my time spent as a BMXer have given me unique opportunities, and a unique perspective, and for that I am stoked, as well as all the good times, and all that I have been able to learn. More so, I am thankful, as I type blog updates from the road, and run on sentences, listening to some old songs, with a smiling glow from a little too much sun, and just enough fun.
Good times roll…

Nuno Oliviera of ODSY!

Bobby Parker, Full Factory Bad ass.

Danielle Windhausen.