friday update, on thursday night…

I have to go to the airport at 4 or 5 in the morning so the Friday update is a lil bit early. Aaron Ross is going to Houston Sunday, to meet up with Walter for a Props trip tha goes to Nyquists, and then the Metro Jam, Corrigan might jump in for part of the trip. I have no idea who else is on the trip, but here is a pic of Ryan Smith who is buddies with Aaron. I also posted a pic of yours truly taking a quick lunch session at the Ithaca park, since it was 50 degrees and in New York this time of the year, its rare, so Fisher snapped a pic to prove it wasn’t snowing. I was stoked, and even got Shortstop afterwards. Diald! Big Dave is off to Switzerland to go snowbaording for a week, he’ll be gone almost 10 days but only 1-2 days of it will actually be vacation, for some reason. Dylan Cole is working PT at the Machine shop, and his buddy willy wears cowboy boots, and rides a blue PW. Kick Ass. See ya’ll in a minute, have a good weekend. Now playing, Screaching Weasal- “talk to me summer”

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