Friday the 13th!

Its Friday and the Corts Bros’ have gone back to the future with Micheal J. Fox, Chief Jay Strongbow, and John Tillman, to make a bunch of Joint Frames. Big Dave is in Pensacola, dialing in the Elbow room, and Ard’s Cricket Ranch, while his Bro Gabe gets hitched. While the cat is a away, the mice will play, so Corts’ are making Bird Bars, practicing Razor Scooting, and contortionism. Its wierd around here sometimes, and Chunk brought Kennedy’s menu items into FBM. Unadilla Motocross is this weekend (thanks to Dwayne Taylor for the hookups), Motorcycle legend, Robbie Kneival will be featured at the Event, Jumping a Lark, over 20 upstate new yorkers with Goatees and beer guts. Should be sick. Any rate, Tony Hamlin is in Rochester, Brutalizing Twins, Ryan Corrigan is in LA, building the Xgames, Gilly is in Cleveland building Dude Tour jumps, and I think Aaron is in california, because some kid bought him through Empire mailorder for the weekend.

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Friday the 13th….

Random Tony Cardona pic… I am sitting at the Airport in SF getting ready to fly home after a few weeks away from NY, and my flights are all effed up. Anyhow i got to see Rocky Vottollatto and Lucero last night at Slim’s in SF, and was lucky enough to see Ted of Pipe Bomb fame, He’ll be on Rock and Roll Tour, as will Big Dave, Reezenbutter, Tony Hamlin, and Catfish amongst others. I think Freddy Chulo is on the trip now too. I remember hearing that he was stoked when he saw a photo from the Ghetto comp one year, and saw his name spray painte don one of the ramps. Random and funny. I used to sticker pitch forks at S & M one time, with Freddy, and I would always ask him if he was Russian, or Irish, and he would always reply-“Nah Mannn, I’m MEXICAN…” Cameron Wood reports that he is riding a bunch in Utah, and missing Tony C, Tony H, and captain Fun after the visit out there. Tomorrow Is Magilla’s B-day, happy Birthday man, and Toast turnsd 40 as well, Dang! oldsters…. peace out…

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