Friday Blogging Mess.

Mickey fastplant speedscrub at Ray's

Weather pushed us north on the trip to Cleveland Ohio, where the caravan hit up Ray’s, thanks to them for the Hookups, and the pizza, once again. Rain may or may not affect the Pittsburgh stop, chance of rain, so we’ll see what happens. Joel Barnett had to take a visit to the ER, which puts him at 3 for 3 for chaos points, between cops, a raccoon falling on his head an a concussion, he has had it rough, not to mention how stinky chunk is in back of the penske, and how nuts kelly is. More news soon…..

Joel Barnett has had one heck of a trip. Nasty Nate, living up to his rep. Lil Jon and supes wormz and KB marbles... he's been foxnapped. Supes Penske Life Womz and Willie

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