Fort Wayne don’t play…

Rich Hoppe and a serious meat table!

Years ago…Mike McHue used to come to the the Fat House, and yell – “Fort Wayne Don’t Play” after causing a lot of trouble and partying super hard… Back then people travelled from all over the midwest to hang out at the Fat house, ride the Ravine, and live the midwest dirty BMX dream.
This past weekend Rich Hoppie and the crew got everyone back in the Fort to raise money for Mike Tag, and get people stoked! It worked!
Stew Johnson, and Brian Tunney along with ESPN have been very supportive of Mike Tag and this situation, Can’t say thanks enough guys! Stoked!
Linksof photos and such from the event this past wekend-
Dans Comp!
Dans Comp Tumblr
Least Most!

Scotty Yoquelet, radical dude!

Stew Johnson, and Rich Hoppe, dudes doing good things!

Scotty Again, classic style!

Scott Towne, donating an Original NightTrain Tag frame!

Rich Hoppe, boostin!

Jody Donnelley and Herb Hill

Steve Crandall and Groundchuck!

Jake Szybowski, Big 360!

Jake Szybowski and the naccer

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