I was looking up the weather and found Nathan Parker in the train yard with a fakie, on some kind of pile of rubble. I was stoked on the photo, and decided to share it, for a couple of reasons, one, its really cool looking, and secondly, Nathan is an awesome dude, who seems pretty right on, and motivated by the similar things that I appreciate.
Mostly though its the simplicity of the trick at spot completely not intended to be ridden on a bicycle, and how it speaks to me at such a higher volume than the next big move at a skate plaza, or some super obvious spot, that requires little more creativity than reading a script someone else wrote for you. This spot especially, if you look at the photo, is a scene of disrepair, deconstruction, and a totally open canvas for and open and creative mind.
Stoked. Check out the site for more cool stuff.




Notes From the Field: SHORT CUTS from FBM BMX on Vimeo.