Floods Bikes and Mayhem

John Hancock and the flood of 2011

Floods Bikes and Mayhem- Bikes Built in a state of emergency!
From Bad decisions, to Bad luck, a bad economy, through thick, and thin, floods and fires, FBM still manages to plug along, against the grain, upstream and against all odds, still managing to make kick ass bikes, fantastic bike parts, and have the support of an amazing crew of riders in an awesome community!
Heck YA!

Check out a cool video put together by Adam Blyth, and his brother Tom in a further effort to support Mike Tag!

Always Stoked!

Erbles and Joby discussing a new supertherm heattreated Arc!

Blaze, dialing!

Persicope part for the new FBM submarine!

How High is the water mamma?

43 feet high and rising...

Thanks to Chris Hancock for the pics.