Fix your hair up pretty.

Neil Hise, wall 180!

Here are a few rando pics of some of the FBM crew…. More on the way!
I am still reeling, from the awesomeness of the weekend in Austin, it was so weird, that when a I saw a barefoot woman on 110 degree pavement, barefoot, holding a chainsaw, on 6th street, it didn’t really strike me as being strange. Not till afterwards, when I realized I was sharing a weekend in a hot dusty dirt lot with the Likes of Brian Blyther, the Gute, Dakota Roche, Matt Berringer, Robbie Morales, Mat Hoffman, Taj Mihelich, Mike Dominguez, Chase Hawk, and Even Ricardo Lagoooona, it was then I started top realize how magical that time and place was. To catch a glimpse of what I mean Check out some great shots from the weekend.
Nuno posted some great pics from the Texas toast Event over on Defgrip, check it out bro!
Kenny Horton and a pair of Tallboy Handlebars!

Wormz and a prototype tallboy.

Gilly photo By Nuno, Gilly built the dirt jumps at Texas Toast!

The Mad Dog and a dude in white pants.

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