Fire, Beer, Mousetraps…

Originally Spotted on the Least Most– An FBM tour with a crazy cast of characters, including Fisty Ceny, Cam Wood, Aaron Ross, Derrick Girard and Kelly Baker who decided to bring mousetraps with him.

It was early spring 2006, and the FBM Cew and I were in a rented RV (via Walter Perringer), leaving winter storms in NY, heading south…. The first part of the drive it was cold, and everyone was cooped up from a long cold season, classic cabin fever, and we were all excited to get on the road, have some fun, and let loose. The first part of the drive was to Athens Ohio, to go to a skatepark, and it was a good 8-10 hour chug, as long as there were no complications. A handful of wound up kooks with a couple of cases of Busch beer, and some mousetraps, and what do you get? An RV in a ditch in western NY, and some good laughs….

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